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Affiliate Program Information

This portion of our Web site provides general information regarding our affiliate program. If you are already an affiliate, click here to sign into your account.

The CEProviders.com Affiliate Program allows you to earn revenue from your web site by referring customers to CEProviders.com. You are paid a commision based upon the final sale price of orders placed by such referred customers.

The salient features of our program are:

  • Banners And Links -- We provide our affiliates with banners, buttons, links, and other creatives that are placed on your web site or in your email messages that link back to CEProviders.com. When a visitor to your site clicks on one of these, they are connected to our site with a special code that allows us to identify the vistor as having originated from your site.
  • Purchases -- When a visitor from your site makes a purchase, we will credit your account with an amount equal to 15% of the purchase price, excluding taxes, shipping, and certain excluded items (see the Affiliate Program Agreement for details). Larger percentage commissions may be negotiated in exchange for higher monthly sales commitments; contact us for more information.
  • Payments -- We pay the commission due you on a monthly basis, with a minimum payment of $25.00. Commissions earned totaling less than that are held and accumulated until reaching the $25.00 level. Initially, there is a holdback period of one month to allow adequate time for product returns, credits, chargebacks, etc.
  • Return Visits -- Customers rarely purchase on their first visit to a site. In order to insure that you are properly credited for a purchase made by a referred customer who purchases on a later visit, we store a "cookie" on his computer for a period of 60 days. This cookie allows us to identify the returning visitor as one originally coming from your site, insuring that you will receive credit for his purchase up to 60 days after the last referral from your site.
  • Limited Program -- This Affiliate Program is intentionally limited to participating sites with compatible content and reasonable visitor statistics. We are interested in building long term partnerships with compatible sites. All applications are subject to review by our management which may deny an application for any reason.

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